Monthly Archives : March 2017

A Father’s Rules

I remember when I was teaching in Minnesota, I had an 8th grader named, Ashley.  She was a girl who would dress all in black – down to her eyeliner and nail polish.  If I would have met her when I was in middle school, I would have been completely intimidated by her.  Ashley came off as one of the most…

Date Your Spouse

How often do you date your spouse? This question really got me.  Every time I saw my doctor, she would ask how Brad’s and my dates were going.  (And this came before all the other seemingly medically pertinent questions!) But that wasn’t even the best part.  She actually threw in the word – weekly.  There were many times I just laughed.

Prayer Up

As the new year started, so did my list of books I wanted to read. Check out that post – and be sure to tell me the amazing ones I am surely missing! Unbelievably, the first book I have finished is actually the first on my list!  Now, this usually NEVER happens!  I have a tendency to start one book, then…